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Officine Générale



Officine Générale proposes well-developed, thoughtful clothes with a discerning point-of-view.

Since founding the label in 2012, Pierre Mahéo has committed to building a brand for men and women that is grounded in continuity. An elevated, intentional, and real-world wardrobe that maintains a modern classic style from one season to the next. A Parisian and French vision that extends outward. Collections are transgenerational and positioned for every day.
There is a wearable approach to design and an emphasis on good value.

Premium fabrics come from Britain, Italy and Japan. Functional, vintage-inspired and workwear pieces are imbued with an upscale allure. Dressier, tailored pieces appear nonchalant. There are pieces that have become iconic to Officine Générale – relaxed jackets, perfect-fit trousers, long-lasting knits, versatile outerwear.

Integrity is a guiding force: from responsible sourcing to European production; qualitative fabrics to timeless cuts; human-scale runway shows to singular store designs.
Every aspect of Officine Générale reflects Pierre’s personal preferences, his exacting standards, and his ethical mindset.

From his way of life to yours.

Pierre Mahéo conceived Officine Générale from his instincts and his experience.

Growing up in Brittany, he was exposed to the distinct expertise of his grandfathers. On his mother’s side, a tailor; on his father’s side, an oyster cultivator. He absorbed two separate ways of dressing, each with specific codes.

Pierre gained his own understanding of clothing construction from an apprenticeship in a French tailoring business and by cultivating relationships across the industry. His research became a passion, which then became a vision: a brand that would integrate tailoring and reimagine classic menswear with a contemporary attitude. His expansion into women’s wear embodied the same understated sophistication.

From the Left Bank of Paris, Pierre embodies Officine Générale day in, day out. He is uncompromising about the finest details: the percentage of cashmere in a sweater, the placement of a pocket on a jacket, the juxtaposition of art and vintage furniture in stores. He meets suppliers, tests the fits, lives in the fabrics, and shares his collector spirit across the
expanding constellation of boutiques. There is also a sensitivity towards the clients – being direct, accessible, and engaged – that comes naturally to him.Officine Générale is Pierre’s ongoing pursuit of a wardrobe that is desirable every day.

Launched in January 2022, Daily Classics is our line of permanent and accessible pieces available in our boutiques throughout the year. Redefining the essentials of a masculine and feminine wardrobe, this collection is comprised of timeless garments made as fairly as possible from superior materials: twill and organic poplin cotton, Japanese denim, and Italian merino wool.They come in an expanded range of sizes from XXS to XXL and are mainly unisex. All our production takes place in Europe with constant attention towards ethical and environmental responsibility.
Daily Classics deliver attractive fits, straightforward style and an enduring approach everyday dressing.


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