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In January, we left off with a series of monochrome silhouettes, something I particularly love.
From one season to the next, I’ve always had a penchant for using similar shades from head to toe. For Spring-Summer 2024, I wanted to go a little deeper, but then these cold and rainy last few months in Paris suddenly made me want to inject more warmth into the palette and take it in a brighter direction.

I started dreaming about breaking the mood with color, lightness, optimism, simplicity.

I also wanted to pare away any excess, to free myself from unnecessary details and concentrate on the materials. Rather than add, I looked to remove, lighten, and strip away. Little by little, I began to wonder whether simplifying may become a language in itself, the season’s defining mood.

That virtuous dilemma guided development for the entire collection, and it goes without saying that simplicity can sometimes be (very) complicated. The stylistic exercise in turn became almost introspective: it wasn’t just about the clothes anymore; it implied a philosophy of life and a way of being... Something to think about, perhaps.

Meanwhile, I also took the opportunity to lighten up my show notes!

Quite simply, thank you for being here.


Look - 1

Look - 2

Look - 3

Look - 4

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Look - 7

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Look - 9

Look - 10

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